Fancy Free Boutique is owned and operated by three sisters and our Mom. Each one of us bring a unique style to the clothing selections you see in our shop. It is our hope to stay on top of the trends while also offering the perfect staple classics for your closet. We put special emphasis on the quality and fit while keeping it afforable.



Meet Jacquelin (the baby of the family)

With a Degree in Nursing & 6 years working as a Registered Nurse for patients of all ages, Jacquelin perfectly reflects the sweet spirit and heart of Fancy Free. She's the brains behind many of the operational details which include running our customer service and has the patience of a saint. Married to her heart throb Worship Leader husband for 6 years and mom to two incredibly adorable little girls, she's most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans and finds happiness wandering aimlessly through Target with a diet coke in hand.

Her Style: Cute, Care Free, & Comfortable
Find her on Instagram @jacquelincaddell


Meet Laura (the middle sister)

Laura's social skills started forming at a young age. Her first word came before the age of 1 and in kindergarten she was given the nickname "popcorn" because of the amount of times she was in and out of her chair talking. Her love for words followed her into college where she pursued a degree in Mass Communications while working in Television Production for nearly 4 years. In her early twenties she met a handsome stud who conveniently happened to be a really good listener. 11 years later, they pastor a local church here in San Antonio and have four kids.  Laura loves to use her social skills through many different formats and has a passion for all aspects of communication.  

Her Style: Free Flowing, Effortless & Romantic
Find her on Instagram @bitsofsplendor


Meet Vanessa (the big sister)

Full time 4th grade teacher, part time rock star. Vanessa was awarded campus Teacher of the Year for 2016 and after coaching varsity cheerleading for 9 years she clearly knows how to keep a group in check. She's always good for a pep talk or reality check if ever you need one. Her generous and loving heart have won over the hearts of many, especially her nieces and nephews. Vanessa majored in Fashion Merchandising at Texas State University and has brought her amazing eye for fashion to Fancy Free. 

Her Style: Creative, Glamorous, & Bold.
Find her on instagram @vanessamullaney


Meet Mary (the mom)

With a degree in Speech Therapy, former Interior Design Consultant and business owner, she's got her hand in a little of bit everything at Fancy Free. She's been married 40 years and if you ask her husband (our dad) he'd tell you she's even more beautiful today than the day he met her. She's known as Gigi to her 8 grandkids and loves to fill them up on sugar then send them home to their parents. She's most happy when all of her children and grandchildren are together, but is also soaking up life as an empty nester and believes that life is a celebration.

Her Style: Timeless, Classy & Trendy.
Find her on Instagram @marymullaney