Owned and operated by a family of girls who love each other, fashion and a good deal. Each one of us brings our unique style to the clothing selections you see in our shop. It is our hope to stay on top of the trends while also offering the perfect staple classics for your closet. We put emphasis on the quality and fit while keeping it affordable.

FANCY: comes from being a family with a whole lot of girls - ranging from 90 years old to almost 6 months old - who all say the word “Fancy” when we’re feeling like something we’re wearing or someone else is wearing is extra cute  “Oh don’t you look FANCY”

FREE: We were made to LIVE FREE because Christ - and all the work He’s already done for us on the cross - has set us Free (Galatians 5:1). We want to be women who love, laugh, give, and live FREELY.

THANK YOU for being here. For purchasing from our shop. For supporting our families and investing in a legacy of strong women